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Save the Haarlemmerpoort!

The Haarlemmerplein is starting to look more and more like the Leidseplein. While tourist facilities increase in number, the amount of affordable housing decreases. In these developments, interests of the inhabitants of the neighborhood hardly play any role.

The next step in this development is the Haarlemmerpoort. If current plans continue, the Haarlemmerpoort will be transformed to include 700 m2 of horeca with opening hours until 03:00. A big part of the surroundings of the Haarlemmerpoort will be transformed into terrace space. What is now public space will be transformed into private property. Social housing will be almost completely replaced with high-rent housing.

We, inhabitants of the Haarlemmerpoort and concerned neighbors, are worried about this plan and its impact on the neighborhood. We feel that the interests of the neighborhood are not taken in consideration. This is all the more problematic because it will be the inhabitants of the neighborhood who will suffer nuisance and increased rents.

It is evident that the Haarlemmerpoort is in need of renovation. We want to see the Haarlemmerpoort in a good state. We also want however that the interest of the neighborhood should be taken into consideration.We need to work towards renovation of the Haarlemmerpoort and the Haarlemmerplein in a way that keeps the neighborhood lively, accessible and socially engaged. We would therefore like to call upon the municipality and the owner, housing corporation Ymere, to work with us towards alternative, neighborhood-friendly destinations.

If you don’t want to see the Haarlemmerplein turn into another Leidseplein, sign this petition!